Teamsterz Rapid Fire Track Set and 5 Cars
80 AED
Teamsterz Rapid Fire Track Set and 5 Cars
80 AED
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Product overview

  • Assembly type
    This requires light assembly of a few parts
  • The Teamsterz Rapid Fire Track Set and 5 Cars is guaranteed to provide hours of fun and excitement to your little one
  • The 2 metre long looped track ensures that multiple cars can be launched, one after another. The track features two back to back loops and a ramp at the end so your cars can go the distance
  • The set comes with a joystick shaped launcher that is easy to use and a launch area that can hold 5 cars at a time. Stack the cars in the launch area and pull the launcher to release one car in place. Now press the button on the launcher to get the car going, watch as it zooms through the looped track, leap through the jump and land on the target
  • Change the position of the target to challenge yourself
  • The set includes 5 die-cast cars, so the fun can begin right away
  • You can launch multiple cars one after the other to see all of them zoom out and hit the target
  • It is made of high grade plastic, so it is extremely durable and resilient
  • The toy is ideal for use by kids above the age of 3 years

What's in the box?‎

  • 5 die cast vehicles
  • 1 looping track set