Optimorphs Cyclone Pterosaur

41 AED
Optimorphs Cyclone Pterosaur
41 AED
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Suitable for age 5 years+
Recommended for‎
  • Independent Play
  • Creative Play

Product overview

  • Help Hawley, Kinson and Yolan collect power discs and transform the mini cars back to their original forms with the Optimorphs Cyclone Pterosaur
  • Don’t blink or you’ll miss it! The super cool and ultra-fast transformation from sports car to Optimorphs Cyclone Pterosaur happens in the blink of an eye!
  • Let the car go near the power disc to absorb its energy and boom!
  • The car does a fantastic 360 degree-flip, transforms mid-air and lands back on earth as a pterosaur
  • Armed with the Cyclone Pterosaur, join the fight against Commander-K and don’t let him get the super power of light crystals!
  • The Cyclone Pterosaur comes with two power discs and decal stickers
  • Stick the decals on to make your sports car and disc look just like the ones in the animated series

What's in the box?‎

  • 1 Optimorphs Cyclone Pterosaur
  • 2 power discs
  • Decal stickers


  • Minimum Target Age
    5 years