Micasa Village Tent Set
189 AED
65 AED
Micasa Village Tent Set
189 AED
65 AED
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Recommended for‎
  • Creative Play
  • Motor Skills

Product overview

  • Assembly type
    This requires light assembly of a few parts
  • Micasa Village Tent Set is a magical place where imaginations come alive
  • Kids tents are perfect tools to instantly change your child's surrounding in the safety of your home
  • It provides them a safe and comfortable place to rest when they feel overstressed
  • Bending, crouching and crawling in and out of tents helps build gross motor skills and coordination
  • When they have a friend or sibling in the tent with them it helps to improve their social and emotional skills as they learn to listen and talk in turns
  • Parents who love the outdoors can introduce their children to camping by setting up the tent indoors or in their backyard
  • There are 2 ends to this set; one end opens into a dome tent, the other end opens into a teepee tent, both are connected by a tunnel
  • The set is easy to assemble, light and stable and portable
  • It can be folded for easy storage
  • Suitable for ages 2 years and up

What's in the box?‎

  • 1 Micasa Village Tent Set