LEGO Friends Friendship House (722 Pieces)

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LEGO Friends Friendship House (722 Pieces)
425 AED
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Suitable for age 6 years+
Recommended for‎
  • Creative Play
  • Cognitive Development
  • Hand-eye Coordination
  • Motor Skills

Product overview

  • There is always adventures waiting to be discovered by the girls in Heartlake City. Build them a secret command center to carry out all their missions with the 41340 LEGO Friends Friendship House (722 Pieces)
  • To everyone it looks like a normal house. But the girls Olivia, Emma and Andrea have added their own special touches to jazz up the place. Did you know this building used to be a fire station before?
  • Olivia installed a hidden screen behind the to alert them of any animal rescue missions they need to carry out. Sometimes the girls keep an eye out on the city using the telescope in the watch tower
  • You might find Andrea rocking out on her blue guitar and singing. Emma loves to craft and is sitting in the living room planning her next project
  • The girls even have a kitchen to cook their favorite foods and also a barbeque area with a grill for cooking up some yummy hotdogs. Even the animals have a place to relax, enjoy and play around
  • They can access the different levels in 4-storey high building using the ladders to go up and come back down using the slide or the fireman's pole. There is a working pulley that the girls use to send things up or down the building
  • The set includes Emma, Olivia and Andrea mini-doll figures, Dash (dog), Rumble (hamster) and Cinnamon (bunny), 4-storey building with a kitchen, living area, roof terrace, performance terrace, bedroom, side balcony with barbeque
  • It also includes a working pulley, mailbox, fireman's pole, slide, tree with swing, bicycle with trailer, alarm and swing. Garage door slides open to reveal a bicycle with attachable trailer to take to rescue missions. It also has a hamster wheel for the hamster to play in
  • Bedroom has 5 beds, a double-sided TV with secret screen; roof terrace has a hot tub, juice bar, lookout tower with ladder and telescope, music dock; kitchen has a refrigerator, cooker, microwave, worktop and sink
  • Accessories include tools, guitar, 2 walkie talkies, pizza, popcorn, teapot, washing liquid, craft box, 5 fabric blankets, mp3 player, artwork tiles, scissors, cocktail glasses and carrot
  • Friendship house measures 30 cm high, 24 cm wide and 12 cm deep. Bicycle with trailer measures 10 cm long, 4 cm wide and 1 cm high. Friendship tree measures 10 cm high, 19 cm wide and 3 cm deep
  • Suitable for children ages 6 to 12 years

What's in the box?‎

  • 722 pieces


  • Minimum Target Age
    6 years
  • Maximum Target Age TRU
    12 years