KidzLabs Illusion Science Kit

52 AED
KidzLabs Illusion Science Kit
52 AED
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Suitable for age 5 years+
Recommended for‎
  • Independent Play
  • Motor Skills
  • Creative Play
  • STEM Skills

Product overview

  • Are your eyes tricking you? Create and experience dynamic and fun illusions with the KidzLabs Illusion Science Kit
  • View and create 3D pictures that will have you and your friends on an optical illusion adventure
  • Amaze your friends with more than 15 illusion tricks you can do with this kit
  • This kit comes complete with illusion trick cards, spinning top card, 3D picture cards, stencils, markers and more

What's in the box?‎

  • Illusion booklet with 21 classic illusion tricks and fun explanation
  • 3D glasses
  • 1 spinning top
  • 4 spinning top pattern sheets
  • 3D drawing markers (1 red & 1 blue) and a specially designed 3D marker holder
  • 1 pouch bag
  • Instruction Manual


  • Minimum Target Age
    5 years