Fast Lane Airport Vehicle Set (25 pieces)
99 AED
Fast Lane Airport Vehicle Set (25 pieces)
99 AED
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  • Independent Play
  • Creative Play

Product overview

  • Assembly type
    This requires light assembly of a few parts
  • Explore new horizons with the Fast Lane Airport Vehicle Set (25 pieces)
  • The playset is equipped with signboards, tow cars, trucks, lamps and an airplane - basically everything you need to run our own show at the airport
  • Whether you're a pilot-in-training or the big boss man who runs the airport, create your own storylines and soar to the skies!
  • Set also includes a playmat
  • Vehicles and sign boards are made of die-cast and plastic, respectively
  • All vehicles come with free moving wheels, so roll on and take off to the skies
  • The 38.1x30.5cm playmat is laminated to bring the hustle and bustle of a real airport to life
  • Vehicles are modeled at a 1:43 scale and come with moving wheels
  • Playmat features illustrations of different areas in the airport

What's in the box?‎

  • 1 airplane
  • 2 trucks
  • 1 baggage cart
  • 2 carriages
  • 2 sign boards
  • 10 barrels and 1 barrel stand
  • 2 traffic cones
  • 2 standing airport floodlights
  • 1 playmat