Barbie On The Go Carnival Trackset

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Barbie On The Go Carnival Trackset
220 AED
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Suitable for age 4 years+
Recommended for‎
  • Creative Play
  • Social and Emotional Development

Product overview

  • Enjoy a day at the carnival with Barbie On The Go Carnival Trackset
  • This set features a motorized pony and a Barbie doll, plus an interactive carnival-themed trackset that will keep your kids entertained for hours
  • The trackset features 10 pieces that can be put together in different ways to make various kinds of tracks
  • Have your adorable 10 cm Barbie doll mount the motorized pony. Secure Barbie in place with the clip on the pony
  • Then set the pony on the track you made and press the button on its chest to see it gallop through the carnival
  • There are 9 activation points on the track that are triggered as Barbie and her pony move through them
  • Animated accessories feature the swinging entrance and exit gates, signpost and clock, a turning lamppost and a refreshment stand with a moving sign
  • The main attraction at the carnival is a giant Ferris Wheel that actually moves; it has three seats with clips to seat Barbie On the Go Dolls. Once Barbie is securely seated on the Ferris wheel, turn the crank to spin the wheel. A surprise "fireworks" display pops out of the top of the wheel as it moves adding to the play experience
  • You can place your pony anywhere on the set and see it go. Try out different track configurations so that the fun never ends
  • Suitable for kids ages 4 and up

What's in the box?‎

  • 1 Barbie doll
  • 1 pony
  • 10 track pieces
  • Ferris wheel
  • Accessories


  • Minimum Target Age
    4 years