Barbie Newborn Pups Doll & Pets Playset (Styles May Vary)

178 AED
Barbie Newborn Pups Doll & Pets Playset (Styles May Vary)
178 AED
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Suitable for age 3 years+
Recommended for‎
  • Independent Play
  • Role Play
  • Social and Emotional Development

Product overview

  • Barbie’s dog is about to be a mommy! Get ready to help deliver, care and nurture the newborn pups with the Barbie Newborn Pups Doll & Pets Playset (Styles May Vary)
  • It’s time for the puppies to come out and Barbie is readily kneeling down to help – push Mommy dog’s head to deliver the puppies – aww, not only 1, but 3 puppies!
  • Name the puppies – but first find out if they’re boys or girls – wash the puppies with the special towel to open their eyes and reveal a colored heart, blue for boy and pink for girls!
  • Now that the adorable puppies have come out, use the tub as the puppy bed – they fit in perfectly
  • It’s bath time for the pups – sit them on the paw-shaped tray and use the water bottle to clean them up
  • Teach your child about caring for pets and spin imaginative stories and scenes with this playset
  • Included in this set are a Barbie Doll, a mommy dog, 3 super cute newborn puppies, a paw-shaped tray, tub, towel and water bottle
  • Styles may vary. This item will be shipped in randomly selected, assorted styles

What's in the box?‎

  • 1 mommy dog
  • 3 newborn pups
  • 1 paw-shaped tray
  • 1 tub
  • 1 water bottle
  • 1 towel


  • Minimum Target Age
    3 years