AquaFeed Chlorinator

104 AED
AquaFeed Chlorinator
104 AED
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  • Safety and Protection

Product overview

  • Disinfect your pool using the Bestway AquaFeed Chlorinator
  • Safe and easy to use, it has a dial to adjust the release of chlorine into the water to eliminate bacteria, algae and oxidizing organic materials
  • Using the additional display panels, it's easy to monitor salt levels and water flow to keep track of chlorine levels
  • This chlorinator produces 18 g of chlorine per hour
  • The cap has a safe lock to prevent it from loosening when in use
  • Thanks to its large capacity tank, you can fill it with chlorine tablets of up to 7.6 cm in size or lower
  • Included with the chlorinator is a 1-meter-long hose with a diameter of 3.2 cm
  • Compatible with filter pumps and sand filters which have a maximum flow rate of 3,785 liters or 1,000 gallons per hour and lower

What's in the box?‎

  • 1 AquaFeed Chlorinator
  • 1 hose