AquaCrawl Pool Vacuum Set

230 AED
173 AED
AquaCrawl Pool Vacuum Set
230 AED
173 AED
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  • Safety and Protection

Product overview

  • Keep your pool clean and hygienic with the Bestway AquaCrawl Pool Vacuum Set
  • This vacuum comes with a variety of adaptors to connect to different types of pumps. It's comfortable to use on all Bestway above ground pools with 2,006 L/h or 530 gal/h pumps or higher
  • Join the 4 lightweight aluminum poles to reate a 2.24-m-long pole. To suit your pool, you can also shorten it by using less than 4 poles
  • This vacuum cleaner is suitable for use in round or rectangular pools with a maximum diameter or length of 457 cm

What's in the box?‎

  • 1 suction nozzle
  • 1 skimmer head
  • 4 aluminum pipes
  • 1 6-meter long pipe
  • 2 adaptors